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Mikhal Ben-Joseph

"The work of creating an equitable MUN circuit requires those in the bubble of privilege to trust the experiences and seriously address the concerns of those who have been systematically denied the opportunity to enter the community, let alone reach the upper echelons of its leadership."

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Joshua O'Brien

"The adage 'if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen' comes to mind, but that dismisses what MUN should be. MUN should not be an intense game where people are cut out for not fitting the typical mold, or for not being alarmingly competitive. MUN should be a place where we acknowledge the differences of others, their different brains, their different backgrounds, and their different perspective. Ultimately, MUN should be the training ground for future problem-solving and intellectual engagement."

Tushar Varma

"Running a conference is definitely a gargantuan task--but it’s also very doable! My main takeaway from this experience was that there is absolutely no way to produce an enjoyable MUN experience without a cohesive team, and a realistic timeline."

This massive resource compilation is designed to lower the barrier to entry for new conference secretariats and is chock full of excellent advice and actionable goals.

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